The Stencil Sotre's catalogue :
More than 500 stencils ranked by topic.
Personalize your decor with a wide range of stencils and paintings: patterns and effects for every taste and every room
Stencils allow to decorate easily and quickly walls, the wood, fabrics(tissues), the ceramic, the glass and the china.
Laser cutting for individuals and businesses
Oil paint for stencil.
It applies with a brush and some oil of Lanolin to decorate the wallss, the wood and fabrics(tissues)*
Pigments for porcelain with or without lead.

* washable up to 40 degrees.
Accessories for stencils and paint effect
Dishes and plates decorated at request
Laser cutting for individuals and businesses. The Stencil Store offers a custom stencil making service.
Company name : The Stencil Store Bis
Brands : The Stencil Store
Legal status and capital :
Manager last name : Ramatoulaye Rigolot
Head office : 60, rue du Couédic
75014 Paris
Offices / sales premises :
Phone : 01 45 49 91 74
Directeur de publication : Rama Rigolot
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