Burn Umber oil paint stick. To decorate with stencils on matt and satin surfaces. Make your interior for yourself to decorate wood, walls, fabrics, paper,

oil paint sticks

Burn Umber Shiva

Burn Umber oil paint stick
10.50 EUR 
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Burn Umber oil paint stick.
1 . Spray glue " Stencil Mount " in thin layer and also the back of the stencil. Allow to dry 30 seconds

. Stick the stencil on the surface you want to decorate. By using a palette (eg picnic plate ) , crush

and rub the paint stick it to the paint lasts . Spray Oil Lanolin on painting. And mix it to make it more

flexible . ( The diluent ensures better luster pigments in all media and a better hold on textiles )

2 . Return to painting in the bristles of the brush in a circular motion . Tip: keep the right brush to

paint or apply it.
3 . Work directly on the support in rotary motion , from the outside inwards. On substrates such as wood

, walls ( wallpapers , wall once , satin or matte painting ) , stone , earth, slate, zinc , metal, let

dry : this is fixed in 48h ) . With an acrylic varnish varnish if required.

On the fabric , let dry for 24 hours and then set the paint by ironing on the reverse hot iron without

steam . The tissue can then be machine washed up to 30 ° (without softener ) .


- The lanolin oil cleans brushes and stencils.

- All colors can be mixed together .

- Always start with the lightest color and finish with the darkest

- Use a brush with color for making a stencil ( for the time of cleaning and drying a brush does not

allow you to change the colors to make mixtures ) . Shiva Oil Paint Stick


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